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A grand adventure is about to begin! | Anita & Kevin



Good things come to those who wait. And pray. And wait some more.

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Anita and Kevin, are dear, sweet, wonderful friends of ours. We first met them while sitting at Starbucks talking over wedding plans. We didn’t know it then, but God was working behind the scenes putting together a friendship between the four of us.
Over the past 3 and half years, we’ve gotten to know them on a personal level. We quickly found out their obsession love for Disney and what it means to truly be a Disney fan. We’ve discovered Kevin’s great love for Ohio State Football – Come the fall, things get interesting between the four of us, and yes. I take Kevin’s side in almost anything in regards to football!  We discovered Anita’s love for the movies, and frequently tagged along to movie dates at our local theater. And then, we discovered Anita’s huge heart for children, and that she works as a first grade teacher as well.
These two have played a huge part in our lives, and we have grown to love them no longer as clients, not even as friends; but as our close family. It came as no surprise they wanted to grow their little family soon after they were married – but it didn’t come as easy to them. We have watched them and walked along side them in their waiting season… (807 days to be exact), and we have prayed along side them –  digging deep into the hurt that looked like a “no” when it came to growing their family. Many nights Chris and I would sit and home and pray, and cry together as our hearts were hurting for them. So badly, we could see their love for wanting a little baby to call their own.

Sometimes the “waiting” doesn’t make sense, and seems longer than it should. But friends, God has perfect timing. He’s never early, and he’s never ever late – though we think it sometimes. Sometimes our prayers take a little patience, and faith, but in the end, they are so worth the wait. Through all of the craziness and struggles they have had to face, we can say this, simply put – God DOES  answers prayers. And friends, He did for them.

So many children have been blessed to know the kindness and love Kevin and Anita share  (our own two boys included). This little bundle of love and sweetness doesn’t know it yet, but it’s being born to some of the very best people in the world.

Anita and Kevin, there’s a long journey ahead. Through dirty diapers, and sleepless nights; when you are racing around the house chasing a toddler, or dealing with an outgoing teenager and even when the day comes to give that (now grown) baby that God gave you away to someone else in marriage  — our prayer is that you’d always be able to pause, and look back on these moments, as if they’d just happened, and holding each other the same way you do now, knowing, in your heart, that from start to finish, you did a job well done.

We love you two… Three. 🙂
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  1. Liz Cabral says:

    Love these two people also. Congratulations! You will be wonderful parents!?

  2. alyssa says:

    Enjoy every moment!

  3. Brandi says:

    Absolutely cannot wait to meet the newest Buckeye fan!!!! Congratulations Kevin and Anita!!!! We love you guys??

  4. Aunt Tina says:

    So excited for you three and that you are keeping God No. 1. He has great plans for y’all and I can’t wait to spoil my great niece or nephew. I love y’all! Love, Aunt Tina.

  5. Sharon Feutz says:

    So excited for you both! Your lives will never be the same again. Every step is amazing and this is the best blessing ever!!

  6. Denise, Mike, Jess & Michael Winborn says:

    Congratulations! Anita and Kevin, we are so excited for you and your folks. God does wonderful things especially for those who pray and wait on Him! Love ya’ll!

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