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Stunning River House Wedding St. Augustine Florida | Shannon + Chris



The stage was set. Overlooking the bay, with the sailboats and the iconic St. Augustine Lighthouse shining behind them, they were to be married at the stunning River House in St. Augustine Florida.  But, in the moments leading up to the ceremony, you could see everyone checking outside as the sky continued to grow dark just off to the west. It was predicted to rain, right around 5 o’clock. Right when Shannon would be walking down the aisle to pledge her love to Christopher.

But, sorry, spoiler alert… It didn’t rain at all! As ominous as the skies looked, right as everyone was being seated the sun broke through the clouds and stuck around for the retainer of the day! (It just goes to show how incredibly unpredictable Florida weather can be!)

Shannon and Chris are two of the most, incredibly kind-hearted, sweet  and genuine we have come to know. And for them, St. Augustine holds a tremendous place in each of their hearts. It’s where their love story began, it’s where Shannon attended school at Flagler College, and now, it was the place where their story would continue as they became husband and wife!

Chris and Shannon, thank you. SO much. You guys stayed calm and cool throughout a day that could have most a little uneasy with weather concerns — but aside from that, you welcomed us in with open arms, and invited us into one of the most incredible, and unforgettable days of your lives, and for that, we are so grateful. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both as you start this new, amazing journey together!

Here are a few of our favorite highlights from your beautiful River House wedding day, in St. Augustine!

A huge thank you to their amazing creative team!:
Venue: River House Events
Event planning: Coastal Coordinating
Florals: Anything With Plants
Cake: Creme De La Cocoa 
Hair and Makeup: Paulina Perez
Dj: Y? Entertainment
Videography Eli Meyer Studio
Photo: Sara Purdy Photography

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