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Known for: being a homebody at heart, endless sushi nights, and loving her friends, and family fiercely.

Hey friend! My name is Sara Purdy, and I'm a fine art Wedding and Portrait photographer based in the little town of Palm Coast, Florida. I am an Ohio native who grew roots here in Florida. Those roots started back in middle school, where I met my husband Chris. (Yes, middle school. Cue the baggy Jeans, and my old love for the Backstreet boys.) I am wife, mother to two incredible boys, Jesus follower, dog lover, and sushi lover (inhaler). I have a heart for gifting to others, music, and all things creative in nature. I firmly believe the journey of a marriage is worth capturing and holding dear, and the friendships we've built with our clients is worth its weight in gold.

Favorite part of the wedding day: When the groom sees his bride for the very first time. (Priceless!) 

MEET sara

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Known for: love of fishing, anything outdoors, a sarcastic sense of humor; and a huge heart.

Born and raised here in Florida, Chris is a southern gentleman, with a sarcastic sense of humor. He's a beloved husband, and most adored father.  In his spare time he is most comfortable casting a line into the water, or cooking up a fish fry or bbq with a roaring fire in the background. Chris doesn't hesitate to help those around him, and strives to serve our couples in the best ways possible.

Favorite part of the wedding day: The reception - (it's time to cut loose and bust out the dance moves!)

MEET Chris

hello there


(Some places on our bucket list include; The rolling hillside of Tuscany; France, Ireland, The Pacific Coast, and Alaska.)

Our Two rambunctious boys

(Because life's better with boys, and we have two!)


(Or dinner to go and Netflix Binge watching.) 


(The greatest example of genuine love and service.)


Our Favorite Things

We believe in emotional moments, and genuine laughter. We love how our couples love each other, and how we can capture real, true moments. 

in authenticity.

We Believe

We believe that love transcends through marriage and we strive to always remember that with each click of the shutter; every moment captured, isn't just an image - it's a legacy of love to be passed on for generations to come. 

in creating
a legacy of love.

We Believe

Through these images, we understand that we are preserving life, love and history in the making. And capturing a story to show years from now, that this love was real.

we all have a unique story to tell.

We Believe


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