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About Sara


I know this is where I am supposed to explain to you who I am, and how long I’ve been behind the lens, but that’s so cliche.

What I will tell you is; I am sinner, saved by grace; a wife to an amazing man with whom I share a ridiculous passion for creativity; and a mother to TWO an incredible little boys. Our house is rarely quiet – as we also have two dogs!

I absolutely, love photography. I always have, even before I picked up a camera. I loved looking through photos. I love to photograph.  I mean, I really, really love to photograph.  It’s my thing –  My passion. I love shooting people.  I’ve tried to do landscape photography, still life, etc. But, people are my niche. Everyone has a story.

I am in this to tell stories.
Particularly, love stories, just like yours.



Here’s some random but completely and 100% true facts about me:

– We are both Christ – Followers. (It’s okay, you can call us a Jesus Freaks.)

– Chris & I got married at the age of 21.

– We had our first child, David, while Christ was serving over seas in Afghanistan.

– I can always be found with a camera in hand; Chris might have a fishing pole.

– When I graduated HS I was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design, and even received a scholarship… But never attended.

– Our youngest boy, Aric (pronounced “ARRR-ic”, like a pirate! Not, ERIC.)

-Chris has a very (un)healthy obsession with peanut butter.

– Speaking of mornings, I dont drink coffee. (Nope not at all.  I think it’s GROSS. Sure we can meet at starbucks, but Im going to order a tea!)

  • – We love cooking shows, but only one of us really likes to cook. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not me.

– I have an obsession with sunsets. (Just look at my, if you dont believe me!)

-Chris was born and raised here in Florida, and I have lived in Florida for over half my life – However, I do NOT like the Florida Gators. I’m an Ohio State Buckeye.

-I played 3 years of Varsity Lacrosse in highschool.  And worked on the school newspaper.


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palm coast, florida