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Walls Down | David’s journey – Part 2 | Sara Purdy Photography



You are the love that knows no bounds
A mighty power
That breaks walls down.

Highlands Worship | Walls Down

A lot of you have asked how things have been going with David and though we’ve been making progress, there wasn’t a really a whole lot going on. More Hassling with insurance. More doctor’s visits. Once a week driving two hours to Jacksonville. Two hours to Orlando. Back and forth.

The last time I posted about David; we had just went in for one of two MRI’s. The first showed the extra veins and blood vessels that had formed in the ear – but also showed one near the brain that looked “different” after going through the second MRI for the area near the brain I am happy to report that it wasn’t any cause for concern; sometimes, it is on the outside of the skull, and isn’t a VM (venial malformation) linked to the ear.  Better safe than sorry. But praise God it wasn’t anything else!

Since then, we have met several times with Dr. Craig Johnson at the Nemours hospital in Orlando, FL. Dr. Johnson is one of only FIFTY doctors in the country who deal with Venial Malformations. It’s his specialty. We have had an ultra sound done of David’s ear, and even a echo cardiogram to see how how his heart was responding to the extra blood flow to the ear. The good news here – his heart isn’t working over time. It is pumping as it should be; the other news which is also not any cause for concern – David’s heart is slightly larger than a normal 7 year olds should be… but still no cause for concern… We all know he has a big heart anyway! 😉

Photo Mar 27, 11 19 00 AM

getting his “stickers” put on for his echo-cardiogram.

Photo Mar 17, 11 41 12 AM

waiting to be seen by Dr. Johnson

Throughout many of our visits we had talked with Dr. Johnson about our next steps to move forward with getting David’s ear taken care of. We talked about different procedures, different outcomes, how things can be linked, etc. We set a time frame for the summer while he was out of school.

Photo Mar 17, 12 59 01 PM

Having an ultrasound performed on his ear.

So here we are, present day. The call has been made. The schedule is set. David will having his procedure next week on August 7th. We have been informed this may be one of a few procedures needed. I am praying that God will heal David quickly and no other surgeries are required! The first procedure is an invasive procedure and will be roughly, six hours long. The doctors will go in through the groin and begin to cap off/cut off the extra vessels that have formed to reduce the swelling and extra blood flow to his year. If any plastic surgery is needed, it will also be performed at this time. (Being that his ear is so large, once it is reduced in size, it may need to be reshaped due to extra skin.) From there, we will be spending the night in ICU and if all goes well, released to go home the next day.

Through a lot of countless hours praying, I am at peace about the procedure. I know God has got all this in his hands; and He especially has David. Some people have said that “it’s not fair for someone so little to go through something so big”. A long time ago, I felt the same; but now I know that it’s all part of God’s plan. David will have a great testimony later in life for someone to hear. He is learning now that we plant little seeds with so many people, and we may never know the outcome of what God grows them into; the point is that we take the time to plant the seeds. David isn’t scared hardly at all. He’s been very brave throughout all of this, he has a great deal of comfort knowing what is going on. I can’t even express how thankful I am for that; because as a mom, I can be a nervous wreck sometimes!

We appreciate all of your prayers and well wishes; and ask that you please keep them coming! Expect another post coming soon next week.

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