Best of Weddings and Engagements – 2017 Edition

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Best of Weddings and Engagements – 2017 Edition


December 31, 2017

I keep sitting here staring at the computer screen and wondering– HOW are we ALREADY here at the very last day of 2017? It seems like as soon as fall rolled around this year, it was BAM! Thanksgiving! Then BAM! Christmas! And now, cue the fireworks, because BAM! Here we are at New Years Eve! (Does anyone else feel this way? Please tell me its not just me!)

Though, I will admit, creating THIS post every year, is so bittersweet to us and it fills my heart to the brim to look back at all the wonderful friends we’ve made this past year. Because, if we haven’t said so already, our couples truly are, our friends. They each hold a special place in our hearts, and the connections we make and friendships we forge with each of them is so much deeper than just a one day experience. No, it’s being able to get to know them on a deeper level as they invite us into their lives and allow us to stand witness to one of the greatest adventures they’ll ever embark on. The journey of becoming husbands and wives, to growing families, and allowing us to speak truth and wisdom into their relationships. It’s SO much more than just a photography session. It’s roots. It’s bonds. It’s legacies.

Alright, let me grab my tissues- because here we go. In no particular order, here is a look back at the best of our 2017 weddings and engagements! (Pull up a seat, theres almost 100 photos!)

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